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The CoffeeRoaster Green Bean Module adds significant capabilities to CoffeeRoaster including the ability to manage Green Beans and manage Green Bean inventory through deductions driven by estimated Shrinkage values and Finished Coffee production entries.   This includes a Log of Green Bean Shipments, Suppliers, and management of Green Bean inventory levels through production entries.  As CoffeeRoaster is a relational database you need to enter data into lower level Forms/Tables so that it can be available later when you need it for higher level forms involved in daily operations.  Begin with the Supplier form followed by the Single Origins BINLBs form.  After the Supplier Form and Single Origin BiNLBS forms are completed their data is available to be used in higher level forms including the Roast Components form.  After the Roast Components Form is completed the 'Final Roast' form can be completed connecting Roast formulas to Single Origin BINS.

CoffeeRoaster Suppliers Form

The Supplier Form has fields to enter the Supplier Name (SName), Phone, Extension and Contact, only the SName field is required.  Add a row to represent each Coffee Supplier, when you are done close the form and these suppliers will be available in drop down menus in higher level forms.

The next item to be configured is your Single Origin BINS.  The Single Origin BINS Form will have a row representing each of your Single Origin Coffees with fields for Single Origin Name (SOName), current inventory (BINLBS), ReorderPoint (optional), Single Origin attributes (Organic, Decaf, Fair Trade), CurrentLot and Description (SODescription).  Enter a new row for each of your Single Origins, try to keep the SOName as short and to the point as possible, duplicates are not allowed on the SOName field.  As you enter a new Single Origin, CoffeeRoaster will create a new, unique SOID value that represents the row.  The Connected Components field is a calculated field and does not need to be managed. 

Each Single Origin coffee that is received by your business may come with specific Single Origin attributes.  CoffeeRoaster software allows you to configure these attributes for each Single Origin including Organic, Decaf and Fair Trade.  These attributes are similar to Final Roast attributes of Organic, Decaf and Fair Trade, but there is an important difference.  Final Roast attributes are configured on how a Final Roast (bagged product) is marketed.  If a Final Roast attribute is Decaf, then the Roast formula should come from Single Origin coffees which also have the Decaf attributes.  For Final Roasts marketed as Organic, the final product must be composed from Single Origins that match the necessary legal definition for Organic that is needed for your certification.  The Single Origin attributes shown in the form below represent the attribute of the Single Origin, not the attribute of the Final Roast. 

The BINLBS field is important, this field represents your current inventory for that Single Origin in LBS.  You can edit this field manually after a physical inventory, if CoffeeRoaster is configured properly with Roast Components and Final Roast Formulas the BINLBS field will be deducted by the Green Bean Module or the Roast Module during production to maintain accurate inventory values.  If your Single Orgin BINLBS values are not being maintained properly with receipt of new coffee shipments or through the production process there is a configuration issue that needs to be addressed.

In the form below, the ReorderPoint field is an optional field to be used as a reminder when to order new Coffee.  For the Columbia Single Origin Below, the current BINLBS value is below the Reorder point and the BINLBS field is displayed with a Red background.  A yellow background indicates that you are approaching the ReorderPoint. 

The CurrentLot field is a new item in the SingleOrigins form providing a way to automate Roast Log Lot entries during production where all bags of the CurrentLot are roasted before switching to a new Lot.  The Roaster needs to enter the Lot in this field that is currently being roasted, when the lot changes at the point in time of the change the CurrentLot value should be changed in this form and the change will be automatically propogated into upcoming Roasts. 

The PendingLbs field is also new and applies only to the CoffeeRoaster Scheduling Module.  This field represents the LBS total that is needed for items that have been added to the 'Pending' list before they are Scheduled.

 For those who have the CoffeeRoaster Management Module the form header will show the estimated value of their Green Bean inventory.


 CoffeeRoaster Single Origin Form

The first time that you configure this form you will want to enter the BINLBS for the current inventory.  These values may change depending on operator choices when new coffees are added to the Deliveries form.  If you enter your Delivery receipts after configuring the BINLBS make sure that you select the option to not add the receipts to the BINLBS, otherwise, after adding the received coffees your BINLBS will change and will need to be reset.  Once you have reconciled your Delivery Receipts and start with an accurate inventory lbs (BINLBs), CoffeeRoaster will manage the BINLBS and needs to be checked periodically with a physical inventory to verify that Configuration and user procedures are accurate.

Single Origins Delivery Form

Accurate completion of the Single Origins Delivery form is an important part in creating a record of coffee receipts but also of adding the correct amount of coffee to the proper Single Origin BIN.  The important fields are displayed below and should be worked from left to right, some fields will be automated but most will requre a data entry.  The fields are:

CoffeeRoaster Single Origins Delivery Form


Roast Components Form

The Roast Components form, shown below, is the critical link between Final Roast packaged products and their source Single Origin BINS.  The use of Roast Components to connect finished product to Single Origin BINS allows for detailed breakdowns of needs for specific Roast Components, this is a capability that has been requested by some Coffee Roasters.  The Roast Component Form, shown below, must be completed before a Final Roast is configured as the Roast formula will be comprised of entries from the Roast Components Form.  Correct configuration of Roast Components and their connection to Final Roast products will assure the ability of CoffeeRoaster to accurately maintain Single Origin BINLBS values.

The fields of the Roast Component Form are the following:


CoffeeRoaster Roast Components Form

Final Roast Form - a higher order form configured after Single Origins and Roast Components have been configured

The Final Roast form represents a final product ready for bagging, it is composed of Roast Components and through Roast Components is connected to specific Single Origin BINS.  There are three general categories of Final Roasts, these are:


In the form below a Pre Roast Blend 'Final Roast' is shown allowing configuration of the Components used to Blend the Roast and also allowing a connection to Flavoring if the Flavoring Module is used.  Each 'Final Roast' has a unique numeric ID number, the RoastID.  The fields of the Final Roast form are discussed below:

CoffeeRoaster Final Roast Pre Roast Blend

The form below shows a Single Origin Roast.  Notice that there is only 1 Roast Component, that the Roast Component PreRoastBlendComponent box is not checked, and that there is a ShrinkageSO value attached to the Roast component that comes over from the Roast Component Form.  The total Percent is 100%, but that is because the Single Component is configured at 100% for the RCPercent field. 

CoffeeRoaster Final Roast Single Origin