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FishWare Schedule Forward 

The FishWare Calendars Schedule Forward report indicates upcoming Guided Trip information beginning the day that the report was generated and moving forward through time. Each Row on the FishWare Schedule Forward Report contains specific customer Trip information.  


FDate - The FDate column specifies the reservation/event date, in this case Guided Fishing Trips or previously scheduled Days Off for the Guide.  In some cases, the FDate may be highlighted in Yellow indicating that this is a reservation that changed recently.

A row in a Light Tan Color simply indicates that the trip is on a Sunday.

RvID - FishWare Calendars generates a unique RvID for each customer reservation, this RvID is tied to Lodging, Meal and Guided Fishing trips.  If you refer to the RvID when calling the lodge to inquire about a specific trip, they can get to the trip details quickly.  

CustID - The Customer Name.  If you track previous trip information by customer or simply recognize a name/person, you can be better prepared on the day of the trip to provide the customer with an enjoyable trip.

GroupID - Often customers at a Fishing Lodge come in 'Groups' of people who socialize, room and Fish together.  For these types of Groups, FishWare attaches a GroupID to the reservation.  For guests who are not associated with a Group, the value '0 n/a' is used.

F# - The number of Anglers associated with a specific Fishing Trip for that RvID.  If you have multiple customers on a day, the total number of Anglers would be the sum of the F# for the respective RvID's.

TSched - The TSched field specifies general information about the starting time or length of a trip.  TSched values include Full Day, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night or Overnight. 

TDesc - The TDesc field describes more detailed information about a Guided Fishing trip, often specifying a Venue, a Float vs a Wade Trip or a Float/Wade Trip.  For lakes and offshore fishing, this field can be used to describe different types of fishing trips (fish species, etc).  

Begin - The Begin field is an optional field that can species a starting time.  For some lodges, this field is optional and would not be needed.

Venue - The Venue is the physical location of the trip, often this will be different rivers or lakes or different parts of specific Rivers/Lakes.  FishWare includes a Venue called Other that would include fishing trips to private land or other rarely used locations that do not need their own permanent row on the FishWare Venue calendar.  If you have a trip listed as 'Other', you will need to communicate with the Lodge about the trip specifics and customer expectations.

Status - this is an optional field in FishWare that is used in lodges that take Deposits on upcoming Fishing Trips.  A value of $+ indicates that the customer has placed a deposit on a trip meaning that there is a low probability that the trip will be cancelled.  A $- or 'Null' indicates that no deposit has been configured.

A - The 'A' field is important as this indicates that a customer may have a food issue or other special trip requirement.  If the A field shows 'Ch' in bold red, you need to communicate with the lodge prior to the trip to learn the special needs of the customer.

R - Yes/Blank - Often customers request specific Guides.  If your lodge tracks customer Guide requests you will be notified that the customer requested you as a Guide by a 'Yes' value.  A missing value doesn't necessarily mean that the customer did not request you as a Guide, it could also mean that the lodge isn't tracking these requests.

Important  -  Customers change their minds and cancel/change reservations
Customers have busy lives and sometimes need to cancel a reservation entirely or reschedule it for different dates.  If you are the assigned Guide and a fishing trip is cancelled, the Reservation/Row will disappear from your Guide Calendar and your 5 Week Guide Calendar.  In the event that this cancellation occurs with a trip coming up in a short time period (example less than 2 weeks), FishWare assists the lodge in sending a Trip Deletion email to you.  If a more distant trip is cancelled, the Urgent Guide email is not required and the trip will disappear from your Guide 6 Week Calendar and your Guide Schedule Forward Report.  

If the customer moves the reservation forward or backward in time and you are still the assigned Guide, the changes will be reflected in your upcoming Guide Schedule Forward Report and your Guide 6 Week Calendar.