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CoffeeRoaster Green Bean Module
The Optional CoffeeRoaster Green Bean Management Module provides the ability to Log Green Bean Deliveries and manage Green Bean Inventory BIN lbs.  As new Single Origin Coffees are delivered, a log is created from the delivery paperwork.  The form below shows a delivery log which includes Invoice Date, Supplier, Invoice, Single Origin, Lot and delivery lbs. 

CoffeeRoaster Single Origin Deliveries Form

With the Green Bean Module CoffeeRoaster introduces a form to manage Single Origin as shown below. Each row of the Single Origins Form represents a Single Origin, its current BINLBS, Current Lot for Roasting and an optional expanded form to show the Roasts that the specific Single Origin is tied to through Roast formulas (Roast Formulas Form is shown further down in the page). 

CoffeeRoaster Single Origin BINLBS
The Green Bean Module is designed to estimate Green Bean Usage through production form entries and estimated shrinkages.  Essentially, when production data is entered you deduct the Single Origin BINLBS value based on quantity, size and estimated shrinkage.  A better way of managing Single Origin BINLBS is through direct deduction at the time of Roasting as in done in both the optional Roast Module and Scheduling Module. 

To manage Green Bean Deductions either through the Green Bean Module, Roast Module or Scheduling Module we need to configure exact formulas for Roasts.  The form below shows a Roast formula for 'Golden Gate Blend', a Pre Roast Blend from 3 Roast Components.  When deduction of Green Bean Lbs occurs either from the Green Bean Module, the Roaster Module or the Scheduling Module the formula for the Roast is used to deduct the appropriate Single Origin BINLBS and by the appropriate amounts. 

CoffeeRoaster Final Roast Formula Form

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