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FishWare Housekeeping Calendar

Housekeeping is an important part of running a lodge. FishWare automatically schedules room housekeeping when a reservation is created. In order to provide appropriate flexibility you can reschedule housekeeping to a later date if necessary. In the event that housekeeping is delayed and a room is knowingly left dirty, the Housekeeping calendar shows the dirty room/rooms in a rose color as shown above. The Housekeeping calendar also manages maintenance events so that maintenance issues are shown on the calendar. Color coding shows rooms where housekeeping/maintenance are scheduled and where both housekeeping and maintenance are complete (olive backcolor as shown on rooms 1-4 for Sunday).

The Housekeeping Calendar is similar to the Lodging calendar in that it uses heavy borders to indicate when a full room service is required. As with the Lodging calendar, a heavy blue border indicates that we have a check out and a new check in occurring the same day. The brown border indicates that housekeeping is scheduled but that housekeeping could be deferred to a later date.

  • Light Olive indicates that all scheduled housekeeping and maintenance events for the room are done
  • Tan color indicates that a maintenance task is scheduled and incomplete (not shown)
  • Bright Green indicates that housekeeping is scheduled and incomplete (not shown)
  • Purple indicates that both housekeeping and maintenance are scheduled and incomplete (not shown)
  • Bright Yellow indicates a room under repair
  • Rose indicates a room where housekeeping has been rescheduled for a later date in order to better balance the housekeeping work load


Borders are used to indicate Housekeeping Urgency

  •  Brick Red border indicates a check out with scheduled housekeeping, but no new customer is scheduled for that evening
  •  Blue border indicates urgency with a back to back check out - one customer is checking out that morning, another is scheduled for that cabin that evening


Additional Workstations

The Housekeeping Calendar supports customizable additional workstations where you need to assign Housekeeping or Maintenance Staff.  In addition to customer lodging, the calendar above assigns both the Kitchen Bathroom and House as additional workstations where tasks/staff can be assigned and managed.

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