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CoffeeRoaster Scheduling Module Roaster Calendar

The CoffeeRoaster Scheduling Module is an enterprise level technology used to schedule Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging activities through a system with multiple routes.  The display is 4 calendars each capable of displaying scheduled activities (Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging) and each calendar supporting multiple workstations.  In the image above we can see scheduled activities for 2 Roasters.  In addition to scheduled Roasting, Flavoring, Grinding and Packaging activities each calendar displays a row of Holidays or custom events below the main calendar.  In the calendar above we see significant days, but the calendar also supports major holidays and custom events. 

The calendar also allows you to schedule Training, Maintenance and Repair events for each workstation (Roaster, Flavoring Station, Grinding Station, Packaging Station).

The form below displays the form used to schedule Coffee production.  You select a date, a Roast, a specific Coffee and then which workstations (Route) you want the roast to take through the packaging process.  In the bottom of the form we can see which items are 'Pending' and which routes they are taking through the system.  In this case, all 4 roasts are going through Roaster 1 and Packaging Station 1.

CoffeeRoaster Scheduling Form

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