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 FishWare Pricing 2018
PayPal LinkPurchasing CoffeeRoaster or FishWare

CoffeeRoaster and FishWare can be purchased through a business check or money order or by using a Credit Card through PayPal.  To use a PayPal payment you must have a valid account with PayPal.  ID is required to be sent to Aspire in the form of a Drivers License image by email. 

Aspire is genuinely interested in the Product being successful in your business.  Prior to a purchase of CoffeeRoaster or FishWare Aspire will engage with you to make sure that the product fits your business, consult on existing Hardware or Hardware purchases, and arrange product/staff training. 

Hardware and Operating Systems for CoffeeRoaster/FishWare

As both CoffeeRoaster and FishWare are low volume custom products Aspire requires a 50% deposit at the time of purchase with the balance due at time of delivery (internet download).  Almost all new CoffeeRoaster and FishWare customers require some customization and testing, this generally takes a couple of weeks or longer depending on the required changes.  It is expected that some customization will be required for each business and this is included in the price, customization for a specific business that is above and beyond the general product design would be billed separately. 

FishWare LogoFishWare Lodging and Guide Service Additional Client

FishWare Lodging and GuideServices features 8 calendars plus Guide/Staff 6 week calendars. The main calendars are Lodging, Housekeeping, Meals, Guides/Contractors, Monthly Reservations, Fishing/Venue, Employee and Staff/Category Calendars. Standard reports are available for the appropriate categories. FishWare Lodging and GuideService pricing includes the FishWare Host and up to 2 FishWare Clients .


FishWare LogoFishWare Lodging and Guide Service Additional Client

Additional FishWare Client - FishWare Clients connect to the FishWare database across an ethernet network and can display the same main FishWare Calendars as the FishWare Host. To speed processing, clients only display the Lodging Calendar by default.


FishWare LogoFishWare Guide Service

FishWare GuideService is a downscaled version of the FishWare Lodging and GuideService product. The smaller module does no t include the Lodging Calendar, Housekeeping or Monthly Calendars. The application includes many standard reports but can add custom reports.

Separate Product

FishWare LogoCustom Report from FishWare Database

If you need to add custom reports from the FishWare data Aspire can provide them. Custom reports are integrated into the menu system and become part of the application.


Hardware/Operating System Requirements

FishWare is a database application built to run on Microsoft client operating systems using Microsoft technologies. A Server operating system is not required. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported. Testing is in progress on Windows 8.1. Both the FishWare Host and FishWare Client applications require a computer with sufficient processor and memory capability. For the Host computer FishWare recommends Intel Dual Core or Quad Core (preferred) processors with a minimum of 2G of memory. The FishWare client computers must load the FishWare data from across the network, it is recommended that Intel Dual Core with 2G of memory be the minimum processor/memory for a client.

Optional On Site Delivery and Training

Aspire can provide on site delivery, installation and training if you prefer. You would need to cover travel, meal and lodging expenses.

FishWare Network Design for Multiple Workstations

FishWare Network Design