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The CoffeeRoaster Roaster StandAlone Module is designed to manage Green Bean Deliveries and a Roast Log.  It features many of the same capabilities of the main CoffeeRoaster Roaster Module and some from the Management Module but does not have the ability to connect to QuickBooks or drive Roasting and Bagging from Sales Invoices.  Some of the major features of the Roaster StandAlone Module are:

1)  Log form for recording receipts of Green Bean Shipments

2)  Roast Logs for Pre Roast Blend and Post Roast Blend Models

3)  Calculates Shrinkage by individual Roast from Starting and Ending Weight

4)  Manages Single Origin BIN Lbs totals

5)  Optional tracking at the individual Roast Level by Lot Number

6)  Supports Single Origin substitutions for Roast Components

7)  Annual Reports and Graphs for Single Origin/Roast usage

8)  As Roast Logs are completed the appropriate Single Origin BINLBS is deducted based on previously configured Roast Formulas.

CoffeeRoaster Roaster StandAlone Module

The image/form below manages Single Origins for the Current BINLBS value and Current Lot.  You can optionally set a Reorder Point so that you become aware when specific Green Beans must be reordered.

CoffeeRoaster Roaster StandAlone Single Origin BINLBS

The form below is a graphical representation of the Single Origin BINLBS and Reorder points.

CoffeeRoaster StandAlone BINLBS Chart

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