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The CoffeeRoaster Customer Module is an important part of the CoffeeRoaster production scheme.  Each CoffeeRoaster customer uses QuickBooks differently and sets up their own scheme for Coffee Items within QuickBooks. 

CoffeeRoaster deploys a technology called 'CoffeeSense' that helps to identify Coffees for production as they are imported from QuickBooks.  The concept is that we want to set up the Items for Coffees and Non Coffees within QuickBooks so that they are distinctly different.  Once we have defined a specific way to define Coffees which is different from all other items within QuickBooks CoffeeRoaster can then be 'programmed' to recognize  and separate Coffee Line Items when they are imported from QuickBooks.

With 'CoffeeSense' technology, Coffee line items imported from QuickBooks can be directed to the Production - Bags form while Non Coffees are separated into a separate table and form. 

In the form above, we can see the 'Coffee Scheme' used to deploy CoffeeSense technology.  This is a sample format, most businesses will already have a scheme of their own.  The format is as follows:

1)  Each Coffee item within QuickBooks and CoffeeRoaster begins with a CG- or CW-, the CG specifying Ground Coffees and the CW specifying Whole Bean.
2)  Following the CG- or CW- there are 3-5 additional characters (alphanumeric) which identify the specific coffee, whether it is Decaf or Regular, etc.
3)  All non Coffee Items in QuickBooks must not begin with CG- or CW-.

In the form above the following fields are used:

Coffee - matches exactly with the Item field in QuickBooks
IsCase - True or False depending on whether the item is produced on its own separate row for the Production - Bags form
Case Quantity - 1 for Coffees produced as the item they are represented by in QuickBooks, a larger numeric if a Case item is sold in QuickBooks that contains multiples of a regular Coffee production item
Roast - describes which parent roast within CoffeeRoaster that the produced Coffee is derived from
Roast Cycles - 1 for normal roasts, a larger value for Post Roast Blends
Description - the description of the parent Roast
Flavor> - optional Flavor if selected
RoastType - Pre Roast Blend, Post Roast Blend or Single Origin
NameID> - the Item description field from QuickBooks
Size> - the size in Lbs of a package of coffee or total weight of packaged coffee in a case

Optional Fields
Shelf Goal - optional Shelf Goal
Group - optional marketing group
Ground - Ground or not
Discontinued - similar to the 'Active' field in QuickBooks

Optional Scheduling Module
RoastingToGrinding - optional daily offset if needed
GrindingToPackaging- optional daily offset if needed
RoastingToPackaging- optional daily offset if needed